Discover the only hardware-free solar system monitoring app, now available in Australia!


No hardware needed! Just use the web portal or download the Sun MonitOZ app on your smartphone and start saving money and the environment. The process is both simple and quick and enables you to get efficient results.


Sun MonitOZ adapts to any kind of installation, whatever its size, configuration, brand or model! Choose the best moment to check if your installation is working: you're just a few clicks away from getting a personalized efficiency diagnosis.


Reduce your pay-off time by making sure your solar system is working at its full potential. If your solar panels don't produce as much energy as they should, Sun MonitOZ warns you that something is wrong and helps you identify the reasons of the dysfunction.

Why use it?

  • No hardware needed
  • Avoid energy losses: that's good both for your wallet and the planet
  • Obtain advice on what to do if your solar installation is not working properly
  • Be in control of your solar PV system
  • To take a photo of your meter-reading with your smartphone, download our additional app available on every mobile store

How does it work?

Sun MonitOZ uses satellite images to analyse the Global Horizontal Irradiance (the amount of sunshine that hits your solar panels) and determine if your solar system is producing as much as it should. Sun MonitOZ compares your generator meter reading with the solar radiation received by your panels.

Save money

If you consume 70% of the energy created by your solar panels, your solar system pay-off time could be of 6 to 7 years. By making sure your solar PV panels are working properly, you could even reduce your pay-off time!

Keep your investment money-making by using our solar system monitoring solution!

Save the planet

Congratulations! Thanks to your solar PV system, you are already helping save the environment.

Now make sure your contribution is maximum! Subscribe to Sun MonitOZ to confirm your solar system is working properly and you are producing as much green energy as possible.


Take a peek at this video to understand how Sun MonitOZ works:


"Solar Choice regularly receives questions from solar system owners who are concerned about whether their system's output is what it should be. Sun MonitOZ promises to give clear, simple answers to anyone in this situation. It will also undoubtedly allow an even greater number of its users to feel at ease by affirming for them that their system is indeed in good order."